In Your Element - Delicate

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Delicate weaved together the colours in nature

The vintage brown of wood, olive green of leaves, and ivory white of clouds; a soothing palette that evokes relaxation in your home.


Width: 8" Height: 10" 

Latch-hook by hand with a mixture of acrylic, cotton, wool, pearls, and preserved hydrangeas on canvas.


The mailing box also comes with a care package, which comprises the following:

  • A comb

  • 3M Command canvas hanging strips (they mount the art piece quickly, allow for repositioning if desired with the snap-click feature without damaging wall)

  • A care card with instructions to maintain the art piece at an ideal condition

So you're all set to hang up this beauty straight away! 

As you hang it, gently guide your fingers through the strand with a comb, and dust it with using a hairdryer to blow at low,  cool heat.