Like bees, we want to foster and nurture a sense of community in our works - a beautiful synergy between fashion and nature while pushing the boundaries of yarn. Nothing is too impossible for us.
Here at Beeyarnd, we specialise in bespoke, handcrafted, fibre art for weddings and home decor. Each bespoke wall piece is a visual analogy of your treasured memories - a significant milestone, the perfect holiday - that you can display in your living space.


Hello! My name is Alicia C.Kirwan and Beeyarnd is the brainchild of my creative journey with fibre art. This journey is an outlet for me to create something beautiful that reflect my feelings and memories. Then, I realised that my works brought joy and light to my loved ones – especially in trying times. 

I was born and raised in sunny Singapore. My lush, green garden city is where I get my aesthetic inspiration from - the movement and curves flora and fauna creates, the colours from our diverse ethnic groups and cultures. 

I am drawn towards warm tones and love to explore marrying different mediums during the process. My favourite materials are tulle, terracotta cotton yarn, and preserved hydrangeas. 

Each Beeyarnd wall art is handwoven with love and care; every piece is special. Sometimes it is really hard to bid goodbye to a Beeyarnd art, but I know that it will be going to a beautiful home. 
Like bees, I'm always looking to collaborate with people and companies to foster a sense of community and bring a fresh perspective to their brand through fibre art and design.