Bee's Knees - Au Naturel

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Embrace a romantic, quiet moment in your cozy home. Starting with a milky-hued foundation with subtle textural contrast

is the perfect canvas for creating a striking all-white space that never gets old.

Inspired by the cottage core aesthetic, white and warm grey are the classic peace-inducing colour combinations to calm the senses and lull you into sleep.

Bee Knee’s collection is conceptualized and handmade by Alicia C.Kirwan. A multi-sensory fibre art wall hanging that adds a soothing and sophisticated touch to any wall in your home with its whimsical details. 


Canvas: 47cm (W) 93cm (H)

Colour: White, Cream, Pigeon (Warm) Grey, Gold

Material: Latch-hook by hand with a mixture of tencel, cotton, wool, and preserved flowers.

Suitable for: Kids room, home office, vanity corner, guest room, bedroom.

Interior Style: Minimalist, Boho, Country, Farmhouse


The mailing box also comes with a care package, which comprises the following:

- A comb

- 3M Command canvas hanging strips (they mount the art piece quickly, allow for repositioning if desired with the snap-click feature without damaging the wall)

* Kindly note that for extra secured support in hanging a large heavy fibre art, we recommend getting your local contractor to hang them with nails or hardware.

- A care card with instructions to maintain the art piece in an ideal condition

Easy to install. As you hang it, gently guide your fingers through the strand with a comb, and dust it using a hairdryer to blow at low, cool heat.

Includes free local shipping in Singapore.