Bee Kind x Full Circle

 Hugging a cushion is soothing, and a sense of comfort. 

At Beeyarnd, every new beginning comes from a heart of gratitude.

This brand new chapter, Bee Kind, is a window to one of the beautiful souls in our lives, Aunty Moira.

Growing up, Aunty Moira has always been there for me. She was the one who showed me the beauty of fabrics and textiles, inspired me to create, and taught me to appreciate the sights and wonders of things around me.  From crawling on these terrazzo tiles to being lulled to sleep by the soothing hum from the sewing machine, these were my core memories of Aunty Moira. She is my family’s gatekeeper to all things crafted.

Today, I get to work with Aunty Moira to bring my vision and her crafts to life.
Full Circle is my love letter to her.