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Hello everyone! I’m Ally the founder & fibre artist of Beeyarnd, welcome to the first blog post! I’m unsure if blog posts are still a “thing” to read for most people, but I personally like the idea of documenting Beeyarnd’s first collaboration with urban sanctuary, Lloyd’s Inn. Today marks the first drop of “In Your Element”, a capsule collection consisting of 6 fibre art designs inspired by the elements of the nature at Lloyd’s Inn.


Travelling brings us treasured memories from places of nature where we can slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect within ourselves. To me, 2020 is a year to let us reflect and reminisce the beauty of Mother Nature we have engaged during our traveller's journey with our sense sight, smell, touch, and hearing.

So how do we get started?

I asked the folks of Lloyd’s inn a couple of questions before I start sketching. With their responses, we pinned down a vision board and colour palette that best represent the hotel, the emotions and the combined identities of two brands together. In a span of three months of conceptualising and handcrafting , we present 6 bespoke designs & a mirror installation to elevate your home where you can truly be in your element!

One of a kind designs

The intricate designs are latch-hook by hand with a mixture of tencel-bamboo, cotton. & acrylic yarn, wool, pearls,  and preserved hydrangeas on canvas. Scroll along to see the process of bringing this visual analogy come to live.


Keep your eyes above the waves as you go with the current and float towards the shore. The act of stillness brings a sense of serenity to our hearts.  

Measurements: 12" x 16"


With the first wisp of cool crisp air, you’ll find a balm for your troubles as you soak in the calming blue and white hues. 

Measurements: 8" x 10"


Take flight, like a bird, and soar towards that blue skies. Taste the feeling of freedom as you explore the world without any baggage.

Measurements: 8" x 10"

In The Woods

Take a stroll Into The Woods with the lush greenery, curious squirrels and the winding path that reaches home. 

Measurements: 12" x 16"


This is what our heartlands could have, would have, and should have been – tropical palm trees planted along the roads, gardens sprawl with lush vegetation, and beautiful bees buzzing around.

Measurements: 8" x 10"


Vintage brown, olive green and ivory white, these are a few of our favourite Lloyd Inn’s colours – it feels like home. 

Measurements: 8" x 10"


We look at ourselves in the mirror day and night. Let the elements of nature ignite the fire in you, find your energy in doing all things in your element. Mother Nature The little things in life helps you to realign and stay present. You are a perfect balance of complete.

Measurements: 86cm x 45cm

 #lloydsinnxbeeyarnd collection is now available at The Ove Collection.

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